706# JC HSV System

Nihilist with price action

Submit by Billy 10/09/2016


JC HSV System is a trend-momentum price action strategy based also on the Nihilist indicators. This template is complex but can be simplified, the full version requires use of much ram your computer.

Time frame 5 min or higher


Currency pairs:any.

Metatrader indicators:

Auto pivot;

T.R.R. Daily range calculator;

MTF Brian trend indicator;

Doda Stocastic;

Fan simple 8;


Super Dem mod;

Market panel dispay control;


NB Meter RSI;

NB Meter MACD;

NB Meter signal;

NB Meter Stochastic;

Nihilist CSM MTF;

Nihilist Dhruba;

Nihilist Holy Grail;

Nihilist Holy Grail Dash;

Nihilist Magic;

Nihilist Rowshan;

Nihilist Trend Cycle;

Nihilist Trend filter 1,

Nihilist Trend filter 2;

Nihilist ADX;

Nihilist ADX Dash;

Nihilist Trend V.2;



SEFC 08;

Sweet spot;

Synergy APB;


Trend Squeezer;

Z-Winner CCI;

In this template there are many Nihilist indicators.

See picture as trading example.

JC HSV System
JC HSV System
JC HSV System
JC HSV System
JC HSV System
JC HSV System


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    Robert (Sunday, 02 October 2016 19:42)

    Very good system.

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